Wild caught Seafood From The Far North

The Ocean Is Our Most Important Resource




Blue Fish Seafood AB has access to fish from some of the best managed stocks in the world – from the coastal and ocean-going fleets and our own trawlers. We produce products based on whitefish such as cod, haddock and saithe, as well as Greenland halibut and redfish, and numerous other whitefish species with more modest volumes. We supply fresh fish, salted fish, clipfish and stockfish. We also supply headed and gutted cod, saithe, haddock and Greenland halibut for further processing.

Blue Fish Seafood AB is one of Sweden’s largest supplier of products from pelagic species such as herring, capelin and mackerel. We have two modern MSC-certified processing plants producing frozen whole round and fillet products. Capelin roe is also in our product portfolio.

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Blue Fish Seafood AB is an integrated fishery group whose business activities include catching, processing and sales and we are proud to be the second largest in our field in Sweden. We sell our products to markets throughout the world from our locations north of the Arctic Circle. The cold, clean waters off the coast of Sweden contain some of the largest and best managed stocks of groundfish and pelagic species in the world. All our facilities are close to the fishing grounds and are part of our integrated production chain. This enables us to deliver and process the freshest fish possible into high-quality end products.

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